A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I made a tower defense game with procedurally generated levels for Procjam. To play the game you need to download Castle first, and then you can open it inside Castle by clicking a link. Here's a page with more information:


Downloads for Castle on Windows and Mac are below.

Source code is at https://github.com/jesseruder/procjam-tower-defense


Castle for Windows
Castle for Mac


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I really like this game. I actually played it all the way through a bunch of times.

It's fun.

I ended up usually getting a power upgrade and a speed upgrade on a few towers in the later levels and never getting the range upgrade, though I'm not sure that's actually what's optimal. Are there any stats on the damage that different things do?

My biggest problem was that I kept trying to click on the towers but since they are raised off the ground, I often click on a tile behind the one I mean to.

The only other thing was that sometimes I had a good setup and just had to wait a while for the creeps to finish going through the towers. Would be nice to have a >>ffwd button!

Oh btw - how are the levels generated?

Thanks for making this.